Canadian Medical Association Journal

1975, Volume 112, 557-558

H. U. Cameron, V. L. Fornasier, J. Schatzker

Department of pathology, The Princess Margaret Hospital and Department of orthopedic surgery, The Wellesley Hospital, Toronto, Ontario, Canada


Coccygectomy was performed on a woman with traumatic coccygodynia. Later detailed examination of the coccyx revealed that the flexion of the coccyx produced by trauma had caused an avulsion of the superior cartilage end-plate from the sub-chondral bone at the posterior part of the joint. Deep to the avulsed layer of hyaline cartilage an incomplete reparative process was occurring, with the formation of cartilage cell nests. Cysts containing a mucoid material were present. In other words, 6 months after the injury true healing had not occurred. Histologically the lesion resembled that seen in "tennis elbow".

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