Coccygeoplasty: treatment for fractures of the coccyx.

Journal of vascular and interventional radiology

2006 May; 17(5): 909-12.

Dean LM, Syed MI, Jan SA, Patel NA, Shaikh A, Morar K, Shah O.

Riverside Interventional Consultants, Mercy Medical Center, 1343 North Fountain Boulevard, Springfield, Ohio 45501-1380, USA.


Percutaneous vertebroplasty and sacroplasty are becoming common modalities of treatment for vertebral body compression fractures and sacral insufficiency fractures, respectively.

The present report describes a case of a coccygeal fracture treated with injection of polymethylmethacrylate cement, which resulted in immediate relief of symptoms. It is suggested that this procedure be called coccygeoplasty.

Note from Jon Miles: Vertebroplasty is the injection of bone cement into a fractured vertebra in order to stabilise it and relieve pain.

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