Coccygectomy for intractable coccygodynia

Israel Medical Association Journal

2005 Mar, 7(3): 160-2.

Feldbrin Z, Singer M, Keynan O, Rzetelny V, Hendel D.

Department of Orthopedics, Wolfson Medical Center, Holon, Israel.


Coccygectomy is an uncommon procedure that many surgeons are reluctant to perform due to its proximity to the anus and the risk of rectal perforation and infection.


To evaluate the diagnostic accuracy and outcome of coccygectomy.


We retrospectively reviewed the operative results in nine patients (seven females and two males) who underwent coccygectomy for coccygodynia in the last 5 years following failure of conservative treatment.


The outcome of the procedure was excellent in five patients, good in one patient and poor in two patients.


It is mandatory to perform bone scanning in every patient with coccygodynia and before coccygectomy in order to rule out the presence of malignancy. Coccygectomy is recommended for patients with isolated coccygodynia.

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