Corticosteroid injection for coccygodynia

Tidsskrift for Den norske lęgeforening

2001, Oct 10. 121(24): 2832-3

[Article in Norwegian]

Finsen V.

Ortopedisk avdeling Regionsykehuset i Trondheim 7006 Trondheim.


BACKGROUND: Severe coccygodynia is often treated with coccygectomy. In Norway, conservative treatment is usually restricted to avoiding pressure on the painful area. We have used local injection with a mixture of corticosteroid and lidocaine in this condition.

MATERIAL AND METHODS: We present 11 patients with coccygodynia treated with local injection. All patients were contacted by telephone three or more years later.

RESULTS: At follow-up, one patient was asymptomatic, five patients had improved so much that further treatment was unnecessary, and in one patient the condition was unchanged. Four patients had been operated during the follow-up period.

INTERPRETATION: Local injection of corticosteroid and lidocaine is a simple therapeutic option that should be tried before operation.

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