Dr Patrick Foye's publications on coccyx pain

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2010 - Stigma Against Patients with Coccyx Pain - Foye, PM.

2010 - Psychological versus Physical Pain Descriptors in Patients with Tailbone Pain - Foye, PM, Kamrava, E, Enriquez, R, Sanderson, S, Smith, J.

2010 - Coccyx Pain Diagnostic Workup: Necessity of MRI in Detecting Malignancy Presenting with Tailbone Pain - Foye, PM.

2010 - Diagnostic Ultrasound in a Patient with Tailbone Pain: Detecting Coccygeal Dislocation/Listhesis but Failing to Detect an Avulsion Fracture of the Coccyx - Foye, PM, Stitik, TP.

2009 - Tailbone Pain Associated with a Keel-Shaped Coccyx: a Case Series - Foye, PM, Kamrava, E, Enriquez, R

2009 - Seated MRI for Patients with Tailbone Pain: a Case Series - Foye, PM, Enriquez, R, Kamrava, E

2009 - Tailbone Pain from Coccyx Injuries on Water Slides: a Case Series - Foye, PM, Kamrava, E, Enriquez, R

2009 - Cookie-bite coccyx: tailbone pain due to retained coccygeal fragment after coccygectomy - Foye, PM, Smith, JA, Sanderson, SO

2009 - Tailbone pain (coccydynia) treated with phenol chemical ablation of somatic nerves at the posterior coccyx - Foye, PM.

2009 - Coccyx cushions for tailbone pain: donut cushions versus wedge cushions - Foye, PM, Sanderson, SO, Smith, JA.

2008 - Safe ganglion Impar blocks for visceral and coccyx pain - Foye, PM

2008 - Ganglion Impar Blocks via Coccygeal versus Sacrococcygeal Joints - Foye, PM

2008 - Coccydynia (coccyx pain) after colonoscopy - Foye, PM, Schoenherr, L, Kim, JH

2008 - A new diagnostic test for coccyx pain (tailbone pain): seated MRI - Foye, PM

2007 - Coccydynia (coccyx pain) due to dynamic instability of the tailbone - Rhee, M, Foye, PM, Tung, D

2007 - Ganglion impar injection techniques for coccydynia (coccyx pain) - Foye, PM

2007 - New approaches to ganglion impar blocks via coccygeal joints - Foye, PM

2007 - Coccydynia (coccyx pain) caused by chordoma - Foye, PM

2007 - Injection of the ganglion impar - Foye, PM

2006 - Coccyx Pain - Foye, PM

2006 - Successful Injection for Coccyx Pain - Foye, PM, Buttaci, CJ, Stitik, TP, and Yonclas, PP.

2005 - Coccydynia Successfully Treated with Ganglion Impar Blocks: A Case Series - Buttaci CJ, Foye PM, Stitik TP.

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