Incise and lay open: an effective procedure for coccygeal pilonidal sinus disease

Irish Journal of Medicine Science

2010 Jun;179 (2): 207-10.

Gidwani AL, Murugan K, Nasir A, Brown R.

Department of Surgery, Daisy Hill Hospital, Newry BT35 8DR, Northern Ireland, UK.


AIM: This study aims to analyze the outcome of various procedures performed for coccygeal pilonidal disease.

METHODS: Between January 1999 and February 2004, patients with coccygeal pilonidal disease were included. Data were analyzed for the nature of operation (elective/emergency), grade of surgeon, type of procedure and further definitive surgery.

RESULTS: Two hundred and four patients underwent surgery for coccygeal pilonidal disease. One hundred and thirty-six patients had emergency surgery (abscess drainage: 61; abscess drainage + lay open: 75) and further definitive procedure was performed in 20 (33.3%) and 8 (11.1%) patients, respectively (P = 0.013, Fishers' exact test). Sixty-eight patients had elective surgery (incision and lay open: 34; excision and lay open: 24; excision and closure/Bascom's/other: 10) and further procedure for recurrence was noted among 3 (8.8%), 5 (20.8%) and 4 (40%) patients, respectively (P = 0.17, chi(2) test).

CONCLUSION: In patients with coccygeal pilonidal sinus disease, a single-stage incision and lay open of the sinus tract is the most efficient operation, especially during emergency surgery.

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