Coccydynia due to a benign notochordal cell tumor


2007 Jun 15; 32 (14): E394-6.

Haasper C, Länger F, Rosenthal H, Knobloch K, Mössinger E, Krettek C, Bastian L.

Trauma Department, Hannover Medical School, Germany.


STUDY DESIGN: Case report.

OBJECTIVE: To present a rare case of a notochordal cell tumor.

SUMMARY OF BACKGROUND DATA: We report on a 27-year-old female patient with pain at the lower back and muscle cramps in the area of the right hip. Image studies demonstrated a cystic lesion of the coccyx.

METHODS: As clinical symptoms became chronic and were resistant to conservative treatment, a resection of the coccyx was performed.

RESULTS: Histology revealed an intraosseous benign notochordal cell tumor. This tumor represents a recently described notochordal cell proliferation biologically distinct from chordomas.

CONCLUSIONS: Overdiagnosis of these notochordal cell proliferations as chordomas may occur if clinicians and pathologists are unfamiliar with the spectrum of notochordal proliferations.

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