The painful coccyx

Clinical Orthopaedics and Related Research.

14: 145-160. 1959.

Howorth B.


An understanding of the anatomy of the coccyx and its joints is helpful in evaluating its disorders. Injury and disease of the coccyx are subject to accurate diagnosis, as are any other bone and joint disorders. Lesions of the coccyx are comparable with those of other parts of the skeletal system. Traumatic osteoarthritis and sprain are the most common disorders of the coccygeal joints. True psychoneurosis related to the coccyx is rare.

Pain in the coccyx can be relieved usually by removal of the weight from this area in sitting, aided by physical therapy.

Persistent pain in the coccyx may be relieved by coccygectomy, but the operation should be chosen carefully and performed well.

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