Acquired coccygeal nodule due to repeated stimulation by a bicycle saddle

The Journal of Trauma

1992 Nov; 33(5): 793-4

Nakamura A, Inoue Y, Ishihara T, Matsunaga W, Ono T

Department of Dermatology, Kumamoto University School of Medicine, Japan.

Four Japanese male students, aged 14, 16, 18 and 19, were found to have a nodule in their coccygeal regions. The typical lesion was a rugby-ball-shaped, normal-colored or slightly erythematous nodule measuring 5 to 6 cm in its long axis. Histopathologically, it showed hyperplasia of collagen fibers and slight acanthosis. All four students rode to school by bicycle over long distances and long periods; three of them developed the nodule after they started bicycle riding to school. We found that the nodule shape corresponded to the saddle of the bicycle. X-ray abnormalities included bending or anterior dislocation of the coccyx in all cases and spina bifida in two cases. These nodules may have developed as a result of irritation of this region by the saddle of the bicycle.

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