Sacrococcygeal rhizotomy for perineal pain


1986 Volume 19 Issue 5, 789-93

Saris SC, Silver JM, Vieira JF, Nashold BS


Chronic pain in the perineum is a difficult neurosurgical problem. This article evaluates the effectiveness of sacrococcygeal rhizotomy in 28 patients who had cancer-related pain or coccydynia, underwent rhizotomy, and were followed for an average of 3 years. Good pain relief was obtained in 53% (10 of 19 patients) with malignant pain, as opposed to 22% (2 of 9 patients) with nonmalignant pain. Sacral rhizotomy is a reasonable treatment for cancer-related perineal pain, but it is ineffective for coccydynia and other benign perineal pain problems.

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