Coccygodynia - a diagnostic and therapeutic problem in orthopedics

Zeitschrift fur Orthopadie und ihre Grenzgebiete

1986 Sep, 124:5, 628-32

Tilscher H; Kantor H; Gangl W; Bogner G


Coccygodynia means a lot of complaints with the most important of them, namely the spontaneous pain in the coccyx, in the top of the coccyx respectively. One can differ posttraumatic coccygodynias from others, which are the symptom of other diseases like lumbar pain, sciatica, tumors in the spinal canal, visceral diseases, that means disturbances in the gynaecologic system. By the mean of 19 predominantly female patients remarkable facts of the history, of the x-ray and clinical findings are listed up and compared in three different groups. To this examination the results of longtime-results of eleven patients who have been operated are united. The resection of the "os coccygis" doesn't seem to be a satisfying possibility to influence coccygodynias caused by traumas for a long time.

Language of Publication: German

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