Coccygectomy for coccygodynia

Tidsskrift for Den norske lęgeforening

1999 Apr, 119:10, 1429-30

Valen B; Bringedal K

Ortopedisk seksjon Fylkessjukehuset, Haugesund, Norway

Treatment of coccygodynia is primarily conservative and symptomatic. Operative treatment is controversial and the results are confusing. A thorough examination including X-rays is recommended in order to exclude other diseases. We undertook a follow-up of 26 patients 1-16 years after coccygectomy for coccygodynia. The aim was to elucidate the long term result including rate of patient satisfaction. We used patients records and questionnaires. 25 patients answered. The answers revealed that 20 of the patients were completely free of symptoms or had improved. Three had suffered aggravation of the symptoms. Patient opinion varied widely; 18 were satisfied with the long-term result, and five regretted the procedure. The importance of preoperative information and patient selection before surgery is emphasized.

Language of Publication: Norwegian

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