Perianal pain and swelling due to a pre-coccygeal tumour

Journal of the Royal Society of Medicine

1987 Oct, 80: 10, 651-2.

Ward T, Snooks SJ, Croft RJ.

North Middlesex Hospital, London N18


The differential diagnosis of coccygeal swellings includes congenital abnormalities, subcutaneous tumours such as lipomas, fractures or tumours of the coccyx itself, perianal lesions such as abscesses and fistulae and pilonidal sinuses. All of these lesions may present with perianal and/or coccygeal discomfort. Quite often perianal pain has no obvious cause and management is therefore difficult'.

A case is now reported where a coccygeal tumour was the cause of perianal pain and coccygeal swelling.

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