Coccygectomy. A review of thirty-seven cases.

Ulster Medical Journal

1982, 51:2, 121-4

Wray AR; Templeton J.

Withers Orthopaedic Centre, Musgrave Park Hospital, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Summary by Jon Miles:

Records were obtained for 52 patients who had had coccygectomy carried out at two hospitals during 1969-1977. All patients were asked to attend for a review, and those who didn't were sent a questionnaire. Of these, 37 complied, 33 women and 5 men. It was between 1 and 9 years since they were operated on. They were asked to assess the pain relief given by their operations in four categories:

Category number percentage
Complete relief 10 27
Improvement 17 46
No relief 6 16
Worse than before 4 11

Of the 10 unsuccessful operations (no relief or worse than before) four were in patients with pain referred from elsewhere, and three were partial coccygectomies. If these 7 are excluded, 27 out of 30 cases were successful.

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