Pain during intercourse


I am a 25 year old female. I recently went to my doctor and was told I might have coccydynia. My initial visit was due to intense pain during intercourse. It looks like you have done a tremendous amount of research, yet no where does it mention this as a symptom.

I did have a dislocated pelvic bone 3 years ago. I always figured the pain of sitting was do to that. Unlike you, my major problem is not sitting or standing. Have you come across anyone like me in your research?

Reply 1: Yes.....I too have this problem and I am male. An erection is painful and ejaculation even more so. It feels like a blood vessel deep inside is plugged or damaged. I think this may be associated with the muscles that control my bowels and penis. I have mentioned this to my doctor, but have not gotten any answers. Sound familiar ??

Reply 2: In reply to Pain during intercourse. I mail this to you rather than posting because it is extremely embarrassing. Please pass this on to her so that she is aware she is not alone. I too have a lot of the symptoms described in this site. I too experienced this initially after the accident (I was rear ended) I was unable to have sex for two months due to the extreme pain not only everyday life but if husband and I tried relations I could not handle the pressure it caused in that area and would have to have him stop. During the last year I made progress towards getting well, but never fully made it. Now, the pain is once again extreme and again intercourse is painful, not to the same degree as before, but due to inability of laying on back.

Updated 1999-07-10

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