Hope and Cushions

From: Carlos Moraes - CMoraes@med.miami.edu

Hello Dear fellows from the planet Coccydynia,

It is very common to hear from people who have coccydynia for 4 months to one, two years. However, It is very rare to hear from someone that has it for 5 years of longer. I see this as a sign of hope, and that most cases get resolved sooner or later. I will take this opportunity to ask people benefiting from accessing Jon's page to make a pledge to send a message once they get better or cured. It is easy to forget about it once the pain is gone, but others would benefit from hearing about these experiences.

In a different note, I have a tip for sitting, particularly for driving. To me, sitting forward relieves the pain but I can not sit like that while driving. The other alternative was to force my left foot against the car so that my butt was slightly elevated. Great for the gluteus, but not very comfortable. Donut or wedge cushions do not work well for me. I found something that has made my driving much more comfortable, at least for mid distances. Go to the nearest windsurfing (watersports) store and buy a thick cylindrical pad used to protect boards when those go on the rack (on top of the car). These approximately 1.0 meter long pads usually go around the metal racks and are quite thick (the thicker the better). They cost about $10, and you would need only one. Now, don't put the pad on your rack as you will have to sit on it. Once you are in the driver's seat, slide the padded cylinder across the seat under your butt. In the beginning I would put it more towards my legs, but even when you sit on it, the coccyx stays without any pressure. It may also work for wheel chairs as someone asked recently.

Keep the spirits up, use your creativity to cope with this nonsense and remember that your health problems could always be worse!!

Cheers, Carlos Moraes, Miami


All Coccydynia sufferers,

I read Carlos's E-mail and thought I'd write.

I have had a Coccydynia for about 2.5 years now, I've had my up's and downs with it along with various treatments. I don't think my condition is as severe as many of you as I can sit down on my cushion for some considerable time. I'm not in pain whilst sitting that comes later as I get up. I can usually massage the pain away (what people used to call having a square bum). Its more an annoyance than anything else, but at least I can get around.

I know from the manipulation I had under anesthetic that my coccyx is totally mobile in all directions and this is why I get the discomfort.

I have however realised over the past few months that I might possibly be getting better. So please, all of you out there don't give up, continue searching for treatments this includes alternative therapies as we as the more invasive ones.

Remember as well that our minds are also a very powerful healing device, it is so important to keep a positive outlook on our condition. We move towards what we think about, therefore lets keep it positive and move on.

Regards, Dick

Updated 1999-09-30

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