Coccyx removed, best thing I've done in a long time

Carolyn in Canada

I had my coccyx removed on 27th July 1999 and I think it was the best thing I have done in a long time.

Here is my experience if anyone is concerned about having the operation.

I broke my tailbone when I fell May 24th, 1998. What followed was plenty of painkillers, bonescans, catscans, cortisone shots and an awful lot of uncertainty. It didn't seem like any of the doctors or specialists knew much about the coccyx. After seeing one orthopedic surgeon, I saw another and finally he knew what he was talking about. I also had discovered this web site and was able to gain so much knowledge... thank you!

Dr. Bernard Woolford (see Doctors and specialists in Canada) performed the operation.

I have healed well. I stayed in the hospital for 3 days and was up and around almost immediately... moving slowly mind you, but still able to walk. I mostly layed on my side but was not able to sit like a normal human being... still to this day I can't sit properly. I curl my left leg up and under me as a cushion. My wound took about 2 weeks to heal... the stitches fell out on their own--- thank God! I was taking Tylenol 3's for the pain but I was having a horrible time with constipation, so after about a week I switched to Advil which seemed to help a bit. Since then, I have found an anti inflammatory that does not cause constipation.... it's called CELEBREX. It's the best one yet!

Right after the operation I felt pain but it wasn't excruciating. The pain was not in the coccyx area. The wound itself obviously causes discomfort .. but the pain I felt most.. and still do, is to the muscle in the cheeks of my butt! I am in physiotherapy right now and the goal is to stretch those muscles and relax them. It's been explained to me that for a year and half (while I suffered with coccydynia) , I protected the area and clenched up. Now I have to relax the area. I'm walking slowly on the treadmill, stretching and they are also using an ultrasound treatment on me... it seems to be working but I have a long way to go to be pain free. I have just started to drive my car again. Once a day and not too far with a big cushion. It smarts.. but at least I'm mobile!

I believe that my whole ordeal is coming to a close. After fighting with the pain for so long, I finally did the right thing and conquered the problem. If anyone has exhausted all of their resources and is faced with the decision to have the coccyx removed ----- do it and get on with your life! I have taken 2 months off from work-- if you are able to do so, take the time. One month was out of the question.. 2 months allows you to have a head start on the healing process.

Jon, thanks for the web site and your experiences. I found that whenever I felt something different, I would go to your personal experience and see if you felt it too. It was a big help. Take care.

Updated 1999-09-18

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