Coccyx/ME/prostatitis - Neurontin

Chris Longthorp -

I have had ME for five years, coccydynia for 14 months and following a cortizone injection 7 months ago, which was to treat my coccyx, two weeks later I developed prostatitis which I still have. I saw a chiropractor for about 10 sessions with no positive results, at my last session he suggested an internal adjustment which sounded a bit radical so I declined. I have had two cortizone injections with no effect. About eight weeks ago I was prescribed a drug called Neurontin (gabbapentin), feeling that this drug was taking no effect I deciced to come off this drug gradually, having done so my condition ME wise has certainly worsened. I would very much like to hear from anybody who has taken Neurontin and also anybody who also suffers from 2 or more of these conditions. The combination is very depressing.

(ME = Myalgic encephalomyelitis: A synonym for chronic fatigue syndrome in the United Kingdom and Canada.)

Reply from Cynthia Harn:

Hi Chris,

I had my coccyx removed on 4/20/99. I took 300 mg of Neurontin 3 times a day prior to surgery and after. I also took Amantadine which also had some sort of side effect to help the nerve pain.

I am a firm believer in Neurontin! IT WORKS! I am still in pain from the surgery. Seems that I had so much pain that the nerves still must be screaming! The coccygectomy relieved a little of the pain. The neurontin continued to relieve the pain as my poor tush recovered.

I know the Neurontin helps because I have weaned myself off of it twice since the surgery and the pain has increased both times. I continue to yearn for the day that I can sit all day with no pain ... or fly in one of those lousy seats painless! I know it is coming! I'm certain the coccygectomy and the Neurontin were the right steps for me!

Best wishes, Cynthia

Updated 1999-07-10

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