Mobile coccyx from birth. Removal of coccyx cured headaches.

Geri -

Last year I found out that I had a mobile coccyx, probably since birth. It was removed in June 1998. It was the absolute best thing that has ever happened to me.

I was also born with 3 fused neck vertebrae. The two problems, together, gave me severe head pain, for most of my life. I am not absolutely certain how the coccyx affected my head pain, but 75% of my head pain is now gone, now that the coccyx was removed. I believe that it might have caused ligament pain, which in turn caused muscle pain in my neck, which in turn caused nerve pain. I could feel my muscles tighten up before I got the severe head pain.

A Doctor did not help me figure this out, a Physical Therapist did. In fact, my General Practitioner told me to do nothing about the Mobile Coccyx. I ignored this advice, and went to an Orthopedic Doctor, who took it out. The Orthopedic Doctor was great, but he did not think that it was related to my head pain. After the surgery, he was a little more receptive to my ideas.

My story is unusual, but I am aware that there are many people who suffer from coccyx problems, and the Doctors do not remove it. I want to know why.

Before my orthopedic surgeon operated, he did not believe that I had lived with this my whole life, but after the operation I believe that he changed his mind. I had sat on this mobile coccyx my whole life, not really feeling the pain in the coccyx area---I only noticed the severe head pain. I did notice some low back pain, but relative to my head pain, it was nothing.

I am 43 years old. Suddenly 75% of my constant head pain is removed. It is truly amazing.

The pain that I felt from the surgery was similar to the pain I was already coping with, except that it was more constant.

I thought that I might warn you to avoid lifting heavy things for at least 6 months, after the surgery. I got ligament pain from lifting things, for a while. My Orthopedic did not really mention avoiding anything, after my 2 month check-up, but I think he should have. I also fell on my bottom, roller-skating, 3 months after the surgery. I was semi-conscious for about half an hour, and suffered worse pain than the surgery, for about 2 weeks.

Updated 1999-04-24

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