Coccyx pain is awful


My pain started about March of 1998. I did not go to a doctor until August 1998.....when through a battery of test...MRI and others. All negative...

First off, I have Fibromyalgia....and this was just blamed on that with nothing that can be done....according to the doctors.

I did have injections (25 to be exact)....did nothing for the pain in the Coccyx area (but the pain increased terribly from the injections - never again).

I cannot take a anti-inflammatory because of my stomach problems.....

When I sit and also rise to a standing position it feels as tho I am being ripped apart. I can only sit leaning forward with my legs touching the floor. I am short and sometimes this is a big problem. The pain is terrible in my thighs and my left hip as a result. I now walk with a limp most of the time.

I have not been to a doctor for this since Dec of 1998....1 year now.. If they cannot help me....why bother.

I have learned to live with this....but sometimes it is hard to survive. I keep Tylenol 3 handy....but only take it when I just cannot make it any longer. I do have a strong constitution....and my bottle of Tylenol 3 has lasted me since last March.... I guess my tolerance to this is better most of the time. It is the times that I fail to tolerate it that makes me mad as all get out at every doctor that I have talked to. When they cannot see something it is not there ....or just blame it on Fibromyalgia.

Thanks for listening....sometimes I need to just vent to someone else that has the problem.

Updated 1999-12-24

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