Trouble finding a doctor who cares

Margarita Kopper,

Hello. I'm a 30 year old mother of three small girls who lives in Costa Rica. About 10 months ago, after giving birth to my last daughter, I began feeling a lot of pain while sitting down and when getting up. After about 3 months I decided to go to the Doctor who gave me a cortisone shot, and said that it was not birth related and that it had to be from falling when I was little and sent me home. After a couple days the pain came back, and when I called him he said there was nothing wrong with me and that it was all in my mind.

I stayed like this for about 3 months, of course taking a lot of pain killers and getting worse. I can't sit in the car for more than 30 minutes, if I go to the movies I end up standing in the aisle and because we travel a lot lets not even talk about sitting in the plane or a restaurant (even now while I'm writing this..). So I decided to go to a Neurosurgeon who told me that I had COCCYGODINIA gave me a shot, a couple of pills, told me to swim a lot and do a lot of abs and learn to live with it. When I later called him to tell him that it was not working he didn't even bother to return my calls.

So about a week ago I decided to go to a different Dr who I think is a little more interested. He says that he doesn't think is birth related so we still don't know what causes the pain but he talked about the operation if the pain is consistent, but he says that is the last resort. Of course he didn't say what else I could do, but told me to go to the obstetrician and had him do a rectal exam so that we knew for sure there was nothing else there.

Updated 1999-10-24

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