Pain in the Coccyx


I've been diagnosed with coccydynia, after nearly a year of pain and many dr appointments to determine the cause of the pain. I suffered no injury that I can remember. Since my job is mostly sitting, I am usually in pain. However, I can't say that I'm ALWAYS in pain; it depends on the chair, the kind of chair, how it slopes, etc. Sometimes it hurts when I'm lying down, but not too often. Sometimes even in what seems should be a comfortable chair I begin to hurt within minutes. The pain usually goes away after awhile of standing or moving about; however, that doesn't get the work done.

We tend to travel on weekends for camping trips; I'm finding the trips to be very painful as time goes on - I do NOT want to this to reduce the quality of my life and my family's. Orthopedic surgeons have ruled out any surgery; I'm currently trying to control the pain with Naproxin. I'm scheduled to see a Physiatrist (not a Psychiatrist) next month; I'm not sure what will come of that. I've seen messages from people who had their Coccyx removed; so far no doctor has mentioned that as an option. What kind of doctor would normally make that decision? How what the decision made - pain all of the time? could never sit? What's the criteria for the decision? Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.

Reply from Jon Miles:

You don't have to be always in pain for this condition to make a mess of your life, or to have surgery. But I am surprised that the orthopedic surgeons have not recommended corticosteroid injections - normally that would be the first step, and surgery would only be considered after trying the injections 2 or 3 times. (and not everyone would be suitable for surgery). No-one has yet reported success with a physiatrist getting rid of the pain.

Updated 1999-12-27

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