Fractured coccyx. On morphine-like medication

Maeve (taken off net)

I too suffered the same fall and subsequent fractures. I currently have a pain management doctor - Dr. Krames phone 415-567-1219. He has done a couple of steriod injections into the fracture which helped briefly. Currently I'm on a morphine like medication to control the pain so I am not trapped in bed all day. The pain is terrible - unfortunately there are still some doctors who believe it is "all in your head" this is absolutely false.

Currently I've been told the remaining option is surgery which would require a spine surgeon AND lower intensinal sureon working together. I have decided to wait at least a year before trying surgery. The surgery may not cure the pain, may cause an increase in pain and may cause nerve damage - risks I'm not willing to take.

Updated 1999-01-17

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