Came on for no reason. Drugs help

Rick Thaxter

I'm Rick I'm a 33 year old electronics engineer from the UK. I have had a painful coccyx since September. I have not fallen on it or anything. I cannot link it to anything definite. Perhaps a habit of jumping into my car heavily - I don't any more. I went on a few transatlantic flights in the spring, naurally seated for many hours. I noticed some pain then but it quickly disappeared after the flight. Perhaps this could have been the cause, but 4 months earlier.

The pain came on gradually over a few days and became very intense when moving from sitting to standing up and vice versa. Eventually I would get sudden intense pain when walking and going down stairs. No position was comfortable unless I kept very still. I found that sitting in a chair with one large cushion under my thighs and one behind my back was best. The pain sometimes went away by itself, but came back without obvious provocation.

My doctor said that this pain can come on for no apparent reason and he gave me the anti-infalammatory, Diclomax (Diclofenac)- from Parke Davis. It works very well indeed, but the pain comes back if I stop taking it. I have just gone back for more before I am unable to move again!

Updated 1999-01-17

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