Fractured  both sacrum and coccyx. Removal of coccyx not effective.

Sarah (taken off net)

I am in so much pain it has destroyed the quality of my life. A few years ago I fell backward down a flight of stairs and fractured my sacrum and coccyx. The pain is constant whether standing, lying down, or sitting. I avoid sitting because it worsens pain. I had several cortisone nerve blocks. For two to five hours there was no pain, but pain returned and cortisone didn't seem to be of benefit. I went to three physical therapy programs, but there was always a flare-up of pain, and doctors told me to stop as there are conditions where physical therapy worsens an injury. I finally had a coccygectomy knowing that many spine surgeons will not perform this procedure due to risks. I ended up with much pain, though a bone scan and MRI revealed that too much bone was left. I do not know whether I should have more bone removed or if there is some other answer. I need help. I am hopeful and prayerful that there is an answer somewhere to this intolerable pain. Perhaps a spine surgeon, anesthesiologist, or researcher has the solution.

Updated 1999-01-16

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