Fractured coccyx 8 years ago. Constant pain

Sherry (taken off net)

I really sympathize with you because over eight years ago I slipped on ice and fractured my coccyx. I was in constant pain and still am. I tried many forms of physical therapy and even went to a paid treatment center. I also had a cortisone treatment, which did not work. I consulted several doctors, all of which told me it would take approximately five year to heal. It is now over eight years later and I am still in just as much pain today and I was then. I recently consulted a doctor who said that the pain would likely never go away and my only alternative would be to remove the bone. I am very much afraid of doing this because he said that it was very rarely done and that there was no guarantee that it would work and that it was also very risky.

Updated 1999-01-17

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