Pain in the rear

Susan Justus

Five months ago (Feb 99), my tailbone area started hurting for no apparent reason. I have pain when I sit and the longer I sit the worse it gets. When I stand up - ouch - I can't walk for a few moments until the pain subsides. I am sorry (but also sort of glad) to hear that many people have the same problem. Before reading your website I was worried I had some rare disease.

About ten years ago, I had a heel spur on the bottom of my right foot. I had considerable pain while walking. I never went to the doctor and it took about one year, but I eventually "walked it off". The heel spur disappeared, never to return. I'm hoping this coccyx pain will eventually wear away in the same manner. Time to stand now -ouch- I've sat long enough. I hope you feel better soon.

Updated 1999-06-30

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