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Terry Tuell ttuell@ipa.net

Thank you for your site. It's been very helpful.

My wife first felt pain in early July, 1998. The local clinic took X-rays and said the tailbone was broken. They sent her to an orthopedic doctor who did an MRI. He said nothing was wrong bone wise and suggested going to see a Gastro doctor to make sure the colon was ok.

The Gastro doctor said everything was perfectly normal and because of her history of Endometriosis, he sent her to OB-GYN [obstetrics/gynecology]. The OB doctor did a complete Abdominal hysterectomy with hopes of her pain going away. It didn't. the OB doctor sent her to a pain management doctor. He tested magnets, and special cushions with no success. He gave her some cortisone shots with helped for about 2 weeks apiece.

She is ready to give up. However, we are now exploring chiropractic treatment. She does have bulging disks and her tail bone slants to the right. I will let you know how this helps in a future e-mail.

Further email from Terry Tuell, 1999 August 18:

In my last E-Mail, I mentioned that my wife was going to a chiropractor. He diagnosed Coccydynia almost right away and recommended ultra sound treatments and massaging the tailbone back into place. From her X-rays, her tailbone veered to the right. He guessed the tendons were inflamed at one time and as they healed, they pulled her tailbone out of line which is supposedly causing the pain. After three treatments, she is worse off than she ever was. It use to hurt only when she sit. Now it hurts all the time and the pain has spread down her legs.

My wife believes it was the Ultrasound treatments that caused more harm than good. Massaging the tailbone did not bother her and it was external treatment; not through the rectum like some treatments.

She's about to go insane from the pain and she is now considering having the tailbone removed.

If anyone has anything to add, warn, suggest, or share, please don't hesitate to post this board or send me an E-Mail.

Praying for Healing, Terry Tuell

Updated 1999-07-21

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