Only morphine helps. Very depressed


I fell or rather was airborne and landed in an upright sitting position on a concrete walkway ten weeks ago. I've fratured my coccyx in three places. at least that's what the x-ray showed. I've had a cortisone injection-no help-nasids-no help-only morphine(MS CONTIN) helps but i have 4 children and a husband,home,etc so i try to limit the meds. the worst is that i'm a ballet teacher and as of yet am unable to sit,squat or raise my leg higher than to go up steps. after 30 years of teaching i'm very depressed.I'm considering acupuncture and possibly pain management - surgery is my last resort but getting to be a consideration more and more. I'm planning to go for a scan and an mri hope to get some answers but it seems impossible.

Updated 1999-01-17

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