Coccyx removed after 9 years of pain

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Nine years ago I had quite a few kidney related procedures and then major surgery to unblock the ureter. Two months later the doctors found a few fairly large cysts on my ovaries, which resulted in a hysterectomy. For my last surgery, I had a spinal block resulting in a week long headache. I don't know if that had anything to do with my coccyx starting to hurt or not but about 2 months later, overnight, I started to notice the pain. It never left. I had the usual tests run such as MRI, Bone Scan, Plain Xrays, Nerve Testing and Colon and Rectal Exam. Nothing showed up.

For treatments, I used accupunture, physical therapy (manual manipulation of the coccyx and stretching exercising ), anti inflamatory pills, coccygeal neurolytic ganglion impar block, steriod pack, and one cortisone injection in the doctor's office. Nothing seemed to make a difference. To control the pain sitting, I used a Tush Cush ( a wedge cushion with a V cut out the back) all the time. You can order them from the Solutions Catalog at 1-800-342-9988 or #8666, $39.50 This saved my life over the years. I have a nerve condition in my feet so standing is also hard. I am so thankful that I don't have to work at an outside job or I don't know how I would have done it.

Over the nine years, I have seen many orthopedic doctors, some said that they would do the surgery (coccygectomy) and others said they wouldn't. That really confused me and made me withdraw from going ahead with it. However, a few months ago around Feb. of 2000, a family friend, who is also a family doctor, noticed this web site and brought it to my attention. I started reading everybody's stories and it moved me to begin going to doctors again to get their current opinion of the surgery.

Sept. 6, 2000 (Surgery day)

He performed surgery on me on Sept. 6, 2000 and said that I had a lot of inflamation in that area and that my condition should improve. The surgery didn't take vey long at all. I was the first one of the morning and I was back in my room by 11:00 A.M. Only stayed in the hospital over night and I was ready to come home.

Sept. 18, 2000

Ever since the surgery I have had to be on pain medication, 2 Vicodins per day. I was hoping that by now there would be more healing than has taken place but I realize that this type of surgery takes a long time and I normally have a low tolerance to pain after surgery.

Adele D. Meyer

Updated 2000-09-18

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