Will it get worse?

Atul Vaydia

Hello All!

I feel like a slight fraud posting a message on this site. I had a bad fall on the ice about ten days ago. Much to my amazement it did not appear to cause the damage I had thought it would. I have looked at the messages on this site and I don't have any discomfort either sitting or standing. However, accidentally placing my body weight on the precise spot that bore the brunt of my fall is excruciatingly painful. Also sleeping on my back is uncomfortable though not painful.

I have been a fitness freak for a long time and spend a lot of time stretching and doing weights. A friend who is a physio tells me that this helped me to cope with what should otherwise have been a very serious accident. He assures me that though I may have caused considerable damage to muscles in that area I should be able to heal myself within 3-6 months. Taking drugs, going to doctors for pointless X-rays etc is not something I want to do. At the same time I don't want to neglect the problem so I have continued with weights, stretching, massage etc without placing any strain on the injured area. What would be really useful to know from someone here is this - does the problem increase with time? In other words, am I likely to find that what I presently consider to be a lucky escape from a bad fall will come back to haunt me later on?

As I said, I do feel slightly fraudulent posting this message since the pain I have is so slight compared with some of the stories I have read here. Any feedback would be most welcome & in any case a speedy recovery to all.


Reply from Rhonda

Date: 2000 April 12

Just from my experience. I injured my tail bone 5 years ago (falling on the sidewalk during an ice storm). I had pain for several months, but then it cleared up. I was pain free for 3 years. I started getting pain about 2 years ago. After seeing my GP and a colon/rectal doctor I was finally referred to an Orthopedic Dr. He then took x-rays. They showed a crack from previous injury. I had a shot, which releaved my pain for 8 months, but the pain came back in December. I had another shot about 6 weeks ago, but it did not help. They are now suggesting surgery, but I do not know what to do. I hope your story does end with no pain.

Best of luck to you.

Rhonda, JBiggsBG87@cs.com

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