Pain just to the left of the tailbone/Massage therapy?


I am a 33 yr old mom, three kids (14 ,13 & 6). Almost two years ago this pain started. It feels like a deep bruise just to the left of my coccyx or sacrum area. I have pain while sitting and upon rising to a standing position. I am unsure if any one thing triggered all this. Depending on how much I have aggravated the area the pain tends to move toward my coccyx but never to the right side. I have pain even while sitting on a soft surface. I also experience increased pressure/pain in the area just before and the first couple of days of my period. Kegels[*] can bring on pain also. X-rays, MRI, have all been negative. I had two shots of cortisone while under X-ray, very painful, but the pain in the original spot never left.

Just recently I had the sitting/standing X-ray, It showed my coccyx is stable.

That is good news but I still had no answers for the pain. I then found the Pain and Posture clinic in North Carolina on the web. I called and talked to the person there who stated they have had a lot of success with treating similar symptoms thru Massage Therapy. I have contacted a certified Massage therapist in my area, Central New York. We met, he examined me and seemed confident ( alas; with no promises) that he could help get the pain to a manageable degree if not gone entirely. I am trying to think positively and will update with any progress, positive or negative. (the Clear passage website was also helpful with information). If any one has any thoughts on this I would like to hear from them.

Hang in there everyone!! Brenda

PS Thankyou so much to Jon for this site and all the comfort and information it brings to everyone!!!!

* Kegels are exercises of the pelvic floor

Updated 2000-03-28

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