Chiropractic Logan procedure for coccyx pain

Carol -

To all concerned:

I have been suffering since Feb from a fall with my coccyx pain. I first had an adjustment from the chiropractor and he told me that there was a procedure that he could do which was an internal adjustment of the coccyx. It didn't sound good to me but as the pain continued without any relief and seemed to be getting worse I finally gave up the ghost and 2 days ago I went to him and said, "Please perform this internal procedure".

He went in and was able to physically move the coccyx, I could actually feel it move into place. Within 12 hours I was feeling so much better, it has now been 36 hours and I can for the first time in 5 months sit on the chair without pain. So believe me if you find the right chiropractor and is familiar with this procedure it is called The Logan procedure. My chiropractor says that he has only had to perform it 4 times in the 12 years that he has been in practice but all 4 have had great success. I was in amazement as to how quickly I had the results.

Updated 2000-08-01

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