Pain after Fall

Edie Countryman -

I fell backward off my bike, first landing on my tailbone and then hitting my head. My head hurt so bad (I had a concussion) that I did not worry about my tailbone at the time of the ER visit. Now, six weeks later, I continue to have tailbone pain with sitting, and it hurts when standing up after sitting for a long time. In addition, when I sit on my tailbone in a certain position, I can feel something move around, like sitting on a big pebble and rolling off, especially when sitting on a hard chair.

I really like your website, but haven't read anything from anyone else that describes this feeling. Has anyone else out there had the same feeling, like a crunching feeling sometimes when sitting on the tailbone. Could this mean it is broken off, and am I making it worse by sitting on it? Haven't gone to the doctor for it yet, but don't think I can take the pain much longer.....

Edie Countryman

Updated 2000-03-30

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