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Greg Thibeaux - GregThibeaux@cox-internet.com

My name is Greg, and I've had a pain in my coccyx since mid 1997. It wasn't caused from a single fall/accident, but from the repetitive motion of bouncing up and down on a riding mower.

This is not a real common problem, but I sure wish that the people around me could somehow know how it feels (especially my boss). He seems to be embarrassed by me, or I guess he just considered me to be wimpy or something.

I had 5-6 different injections (2 in the sacra-coccygeal ligament, 3 in another area nearby), all with no improvement. I went to physical therapy (adjustments to coccyx and whatever that machine is that they hook you to, with the little nodes), with no help. I sat on all of the donuts available. I tried medication (daypro, anti-inflammatory), also with no results.

I finally saw a spinal specialist in Houston, Texas who does coccyx removal routinely (5-6 times a year). He says that for pain in the coccyx, if it doesn't heal in 6-12 months, it won't heal. You have to remove it. My pain has been for 2 1/2 years.

After he removed it, my doctor said that my coccyx was all twisted. Instead of pointing down, the bottom of it was twisted back up to the sky. He said that I should notice an incredible improvement and I have. My hospital stay was 1 night, and was pretty easy as surgeries go. I expect to be back at work after missing 3 weeks.

12 days after surgery I do have some pain, but I really do believe that the old pain is gone, and that the new pain will go away in time. It is maybe a little bit worse right now than before, but I do feel good about the decision thus far. After 2 1/2 years, you sort of learn to be cautious about thinking that you've found the solution.

If you've had this type of pain for more than a year, it is probably not going to go away. In reading the personal experiences on your website, it gradually seemed to me that the only people getting any improvement were the ones having it removed. Therefore, I decided that this is what I needed.

Finally, if anyone wants to email or call me, that's fine. My home phone is (318) 641-1565.

Thanks again. Greg Thibeaux

Note from Greg added a few months after surgery:

I am not any better than before my surgery. Pain, as you know, is sometimes hard to judge. I basically feel like I did before my surgery, only now I have the added pains from healing from the surgery. They are, of course, much less than when I first had the surgery. I'm strongly questioning whether I ever needed this surgery. A doctor that I saw before seeing the surgeon who performed my surgery said that he didn't think that the problem was my coccyx. He actually examined me, whereas the doctor who did the surgery barely touched me when he examined me on my pre-surgery visit.

Updated 2000-06-10

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