Levator ani syndrome/vulvodynia

Jackie - JACKSTEE@aol.com


I read your website and am wondering if my pain could be due to my coccyx. I was diagnosed with interstitial cystitis almost three years ago, I soon got vulvodynia and mild fibromyalgia. After a year and a half of painful myofascial massage internally, I went to see a gyn who gave me trigger point injections in the pelvic floor. This helped a GREAT deal, however, my physical therapist (a pelvic pain specialist) feels most pain is due to back and coccyx, she talked me into doing a coccyx release, pushed on coccyx till she felt it move. I went into complete back and hip spasm and haven't been the same since. Vulvodynia got much worse!

Unfortunately, my gyn who was doing trigger point injections decided to a pudendal nerve injection, I wasn't aware he was going to this, as I had heard nightmare stories about it. This set me up for intense colon spasming, rectal pain and severe levator ani spasming. My muscles are now like rocks and the shots just make me worse. I soon developed coccyx pain after bowel movements, mild pain compared to the rest. I received some intense physical therapy around the perineal area which helped, but as soon as I have a bowel movement, my pelvic floor/levator ani go into spasm. My chronic constipation since childhood has gotten MUCH worse. I pretty much feel like I am giving birth to a donkey vaginally and rectally all day. Not fun for someone in their thirties.

Do you think the position of my coccyx could be causing the problems? I am wondering if I should go to a coccyx adjustment specialist I heard of. I heard this can be very painful.

I would love to hear from anyone else with this problem. Physical therapists in southern CA would be welcome. I recently started biofeed back, my rectal and vaginal muscle tension is almost off the charts.


Updated 2000-03-11

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