Success - Almost!

First, Jennifer E -

I severely injured my tailbone after childbirth. The minute I was transferred to a wheelchair to go to my room I knew there was a problem. The nurses and doctors, deal with all different pain thresholds and I was told it would be fine (and to stop complaining!). Meantime they give me a wood rocking chair to nurse my son on!

Another 18 months went by with repeated visits to my doctor. His advice, without examining the coccyx once, was to sit on a donut pillow and it will eventually heal. He declined to send me to physical therapy saying, "they couldn't do anything for me". I finally changed doctors and went to physical therapy.

My therapist did much research on the subject, including this site and suggested internal mobilization. I tried several times myself but could not locate the coccyx through the tissue. My therapist called in another who had done the immobilization several times, with different outcomes. I was desperate to try anything. With her internal procedure, my coccyx literally popped back into place! Within seconds I had 80% relief. The only remaining pain is apparently caused by damage to the tissue and tendons in the surrounding area. I am continuing strengthening exercises to build the area around the coccyx, while abstaining from vigorous impact and kegel-type exercises to try and maintain the coccyx's position. The therapist has had temporary to permanent corrections using this method. Wish me luck.

Updated 2000-04-19

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