10 days post-op and doing fine

Kathryn - sota@sota.ca

Hi: I am so glad you have this site, information was hard to find on the subject of coccygectomy, advantages and disadvantages. Mine was broken badly in a skiing accident three years ago, and has never healed. I just had the surgery 10 days ago, and the recovery seems to be going well. I have stopped the pain pills, and am only using regular Tylenol a couple of times a day.

I only missed five days of work, and find that I can work just fine if I move around enough. I can sit for fifteen or twenty minutes now, then stand for awhile, sit on a different chair, etc. Driving is tough, but doable if I have to. I would advise most people to get off the pain killers as soon as possible after the surgery though, as I have found that even one or two pills with codeine will make my head foggy.

As I have always been very impatient with recovery periods, is there physiotherapy that will speed the return to normal, pain free living? Also, if doing something hurts, does that mean it is doing damage?

Kathryn in Ottawa, Canada

Updated 2000-02-14

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