Partial coccygectomy, but no relief


I suffered a very heavy fall onto the base of my spine when I was 5 months pregnant. The pain escalated dramatically after delivery (I had to have a ventouse suction as I was unable to push due to the pain in my coccyx). It then transpired that I had a fractured coccyx. I underwent 2 cortisone injections and manipulation before I had a coccygectomy as I couldn't stand the pain any longer. However, the operation has not made the slightest bit of difference and if I had not seen an x-ray with my own eyes to prove that they had indeed removed the fractured segment then I would not have believed that they had carried out the operation at all!.

That was 2 years ago and since then I have had intensive physiotherapy, ultrasound treatment on the scar, hydrotherapy, 4 lumbar epidurals, a Tens machine and am on an extremely high dosage of pain relief. I saw my consultant last week and he has said that he does not want to continue giving me epidurals every 3 months as it is not a long term solution and he has now said that he doubts my pain will ever decrease significantly and he has referred me to the "pain psychologist" to help me to "learn to live with it". However, as I was literally begging for another epidural he has relented and said that he will consider a final one after reading the report from the pain management clinic. I have found that the epidural is the only treatment that offers me a degree of slight relief.

I wondered if any other people have been in this situation and what they would advise. Also do you think it may be a good idea to broach the idea of having the rest of my coccyx removed? as they only removed the fractured segments? I really do not know what to do and I feel that unless you have experienced this condition then no one else can really understand. I felt so alone until I discovered your website and realised there are people in the same boat as me who will understand my feelings of despair.

I particularly have a problem with feeling guilty as my little girl is now 3 years old and she has never known me to be healthy. It hurts so much to have to say to her that mummy can't go to the cinema with her etc. etc. because I just cannot sit on the chairs. I have missed out on so many things with her and she is likely to be my only child as I really don't think I could cope with another baby in my state.

I'm so sorry to unburden myself to you all like this but nobody else would really understand. I would be so grateful for a reply regarding whether the idea of the full coccyx removal seems worth a try - I know you are not doctors but maybe someone else has been in the same situation. One last thing before I go (thank God for that!) has anyone got any tips on how to sit in the bath. I have not had a bath for 3 years and long to lounge in a tub full of bubbles. I tried sitting on a donut ring but it didn't help.

Updated 2000-03-24

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