Surgery scheduled - but chickened out

Margie Sharp -

I was scheduled to have a coccygectomy on Feb 11, 2000, but have decided to cancel after reading the numerous recovery stories on this board. The main reason I cancelled my surgery is because my family & I have planned a trip for Easter Weekend to travel from Texas to Missouri and I fear that the recovery process would be too painful for travelling. The stories I've read indicate that the pain after surgery is extreme & lasts for many months. I am also concerned that surgery could worsen my existing pain. My doctor assured me that he has been doing this type of surgery for over 20 years and averages 1 - 2 per year and has a very good success rate. I am undecided, but will probably reschedule the surgery after April. I figure if I've been dealing with the pain since Feb 1996 (carnival slide accident), what's another few months?

My pain is such that it only hurts when sitting back on a sofa (similarly in a movie theatre chair); it does not hurt to sit at a dinner table or office desk chair. It also does not hurt while driving because I have great lumbar seats in my vehicle; though it hurts on occasions while travelling as a passenger because I tend to sit more relaxed, putting more pressure on my tailbone. I have no pain while standing or walking. Occasionally it hurts while lying in certain positions (sometimes I wake from sleep), but I generally can just shift to another position to relieve the pain. I am curious to hear what others have to say who have been through the surgery.

- Margie Sharp

PS from Margie, for those looking for an experienced surgeon:

His name is William P. Taylor, at the Central Texas Spine Institute in Austin, Texas; Phone 512-795-2225.

Updated 2000-02-09

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