Tail bone shaped like a V - now removed

Susan - Srf430@aol.com

I have been suffering with pain in my tail bone for about three years now and I am not sure why it began. I have tried cortisone shots, nerve blocks and a chiropractor but nothing has offered permanent relief. I mostly have pain when sitting back and getting up from a sitting position. The worst is when I am driving and getting out of the car. I am in the car about 1-2 hours a day. My x-rays show that my tail bone is shaped like a "V" instead of having a gradual curve. Possibly it broke and fused back together that way. The surgeon is going to remove part of the tail bone, he said it is about two inches. I put off even thinking about having the operation because I have been told by two other doctors that is a very risky operation since your tail bone is so close to the rectum so there is the potential for so many complications.

I then found an orthopedic surgeon who seems very confident to do the operation and said he has done about 7 or 8 or eight of them with great success. I am still nervous about it but I'm tired of being in pain.


Surgery Update

2000 March 16

I had my surgery almost two weeks ago, on 3/3/00, and I am starting to feel much better! I still have pain from the surgery so I am not sitting back in a comfortable or relaxed position but I can sit forward without being in pain.

The surgery went well, it took about 45 minutes. I did not have any sutures to be removed but I had internal stitches that will dissolve within about six weeks. I had it done in an outpatient surgery center but I still stayed overnight for a "23 hour observation stay". I am really glad I stayed overnight since the anesthesia made me sick and it would have been difficult to get in the car for the 45 minute drive home. When I did go home the next morning I laid down in the back seat with an ice pack on my tush and extra pillows. I was given a prescription for Vicodin (generic name is Hydrocodone). The first couple of days I had discomfort and mostly rested on my side, I couldn't bend or really do anything around the house. I really didn't feel that bad as long as I took the pain pills. Then on the 3rd or 4th day I really started to feel awful. It really started to feel very painful and uncomfortable which was no surprise after reading everyone's stories on the website. I had a lot of help for the first 6 days and I really needed it since I have 2 small children. During the first week, a few of the days I wasn't even getting relief with the pain medication. I went to the doctor a week after the operation and he said I was healing perfectly and wants to see me again in another month. He told me my tail bone was disjointed and pointed like the letter "V" and was also pushed forward. He didn't remove the whole tail bone. He said he removed about 2 inches which was the part that was disjointed already.

Starting on Sunday, about 9 days after the operation, I started to feel much better! I am only taking a pain pill at night and Advil during the day. I think Advil works better than the pain pills. I have been able to do anything I want to do around the house since I am no longer having any pain while walking, bending, etc. I am now able to sit forward. I am not driving yet since I can't put pressure on the surgical site without pain, however, it seems to be getting better. I also can't sleep on my back yet but sleeping has gotten much more comfortable!

If anyone has any questions, feel free to E-Mail me.


Updated 2000-02-21

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