Missing coccyx????

Tawnya L Antonio - TAWNYAA@prodigy.net


I have a strange question....I was in a serious auto accident, and since the crash I have had pain in my lower back. I went for many x-rays and the most recent said that my coccyx was missing at the sacrococcygeal junction. The x-ray tech wanted to know if I had ever had surgery … which I have not. So he then suggested that there was a destructive lesion in this region. Does anyone know what this means in plain English??


Reply from Jon Miles:

I think that 'destructive lesion' here will mean that at some time damage to the coccyx caused by injury or disease caused the bone to be absorbed by the body. But you should check with your doctor. Another possible reason for your coccyx being missing is that you never had one. People are born with bits missing or extra bits, and the coccyx varies greatly in size and shape between different people.

Updated 2000-02-22

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