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Original posting, 2002-09-01:

I've been dealing with this coccydynia for about 4 months. Can't say I'm enjoying it. The symptoms I have seem to be typical of other folks posting here...pain while sitting, worsening when going to stand, severe when sitting too long, etc. I've tried the wedges with the sacral/coccygeal cutouts in back to no avail. I'm now considering the journey to the old doctor's office as well as some other more conservative measures.

Do you know of anyone who has purchased a chair with a coccyx cutout at the back? I've seen these office chairs on a couple of websites but am skeptical as to their effectiveness. I sit for a living (I type medical reports) so I'm sure you can imagine what an inconvenience this pain is. I've tried typing standing up and I can't type nearly as fast as when seated.

Of course, any other advice folks may have for me would be most appreciated.

Update, 2002-09-14:

Hi Alan,

I purchased this office chair a few months ago. It has made significant diffference in how much I can sit to work. I own a magazine and for 10 days each month I'm at my computer 14 to 18 hours a day. The second picture shows my standing set-up for work. Anyway, this chair has allowed me to rest my feet and legs for 10 to 20 minutes at a time. It really helps with the heel pain I developed because of standing so much. You can find the chair at: http://www.officeinnovations.com/oioffice/ctv40212112.html

Hope this helps...


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