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Alex -

I have been experiencing pain in sitting since March of 2001. The pain is especially severe when I move from a sitting position to a standing position. There was no fall or other injury, it just started hurting. I am an accountant and I go to school at night, so I sit a lot. In September of 2001 I finally went to an orthopedic doctor for treatment. He took x-rays and said they looked normal. He diagnosed the condition as being a soft tissue injury something like tendonitis. He recommended that I sit on doughnut cushions and said the condition would take a long time to heal.

The cushions helped ease the pain a lot, but did nothing to heal the condition. If I sit in a chair (especially a thinly padded flat chair) without a doughnut the paid is as bad as ever. After several months of trying the cushions with no improvement I decided to try a chiropractor that uses the "Activator" method I have read about on this web site. I went through a total of eight Activator treatments over a period of 4 weeks and saw no improvement. I had an MRI done today to check for anything like a cyst.

I have seen a video for a device called an Ossatron that has been approved by the FDA for treating chronic heel pain. This device delivers several thousand rapid shockwaves to the area and the clinical trails say it promotes healing. The device is now being considered for treatment of things like tennis elbow. I am wondering if this device can do the same sort of thing for soft tissue problems around the coccyx. Is anyone here familiar with this device?


Note from Jon Miles - The Ossatron sounds similar to the device described on this site under Possible future treatments. Here is a link to the Ossatron.

Updated 2002-03-17

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