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Alison E Beach - alisonelizabeth@supanet.com

Hi, I'm Alison and I have suffered coccyx pain since October 2001, 14 months ago. It came on simply through sitting for long periods at a computer, doing a training course which included working towards several typing exams. I was concentrating so hard that although it felt as if I was cutting off the circulation to the back of my legs resulting in pain in my bum, I just continued, thinking it would clear up during the next holidays, .. then the next.. then the next.

I spent hours and hours laying on a sheepskin rug on the floor, but that left my back stiff and sore and I sprained one hand repeatedly getting myself up from the floor. At the end of the course I thought it would clear up once I stopped typing frequently, and so on, but it didn't.

I have been on continuous anti-inflammatories probably for 10 months. Early November I had injections into it under an epidural, but it is no better. I feel odd even sitting on a chair with a cut-out at the back, as if the backs of my legs are really sensitive to anything I am sitting on. I am only comfortable lying down. I bought a settee so that I could lie down, but this gives me neck pain as I have to turn to watch TV. I manage in the car with a foam cushion. I have been out of work for 2 years having retired from nursing on health grounds - other problems - and though I now have further qualifications I cannot do the job I have retrained for because I cannot sit down comfortably at a computer, and am applying for standing-up jobs. I dread starting a job and finding I cannot cope because of my pain.

I have lumbar back pain already and an arthritic right knee so a kneeling chair is not an option. I just want some support as I am feeling so miserable. I have this week been to see my chiropractor who wants to see X-rays before she tries manipulating my coccyx. She says the coccyx may be twisted, as my pain is definitely worse on one side on examination. Does anybody else have a similar 'tale'?

Alison E. Beach

Updated 2002-12-22

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