Pregnant with tailbone pain and sciatica

Amber -

I am 24 years old and as of Oct. 7, 2002, I'm 30 weeks pregnant. I have had hypermobility my whole life (very loose ligaments) and pregnancy has enhanced this, causing lots of joint pain and instability - including very severe sciatic nerve pain in both hips, radiating down my hips.

This instability also caused a fall down the stairs a little over a week ago. I landed heavily on my bottom and have had severe tailbone pain since. Before the fall standing or walking or climbing was nearly impossible, due to pain, but that is now nothing compared to the pain of sitting down or getting up! My doctor (and physical therapist) are understanding, however, I cannot take any medications other than Tylenol while pregnant and they will not be pelvic x-rays until after birth - in this case there really is nothing they can do if it's broken until after birth.

Due to my combination of problems, I'm having an extremely hard time coping. I cannot stand for any period of time (sitting is more comfortable - except getting down and up, which are more painful), cannot really sit for long without making the pain worse than before, and cannot sit on a "donut" because it puts too much direct pressure on my sciatic nerves.

To make things worse, I cannot lay down comfortably, either. Laying on my sides crushes one sciatic nerve or the other, sleeping on my back is excruciating with the tailbone injury (it is not permitted in late pregnancy, anyways, because it cuts blood supplies to the kidneys and lower body). That leaves making a nest for my tummy and laying on my stomach and it is only mildly to very uncomfortable - but not painful, like the other positions.

My other fear/coping issue is linked to giving birth. I have a painful time with bathroom functions at this moment that I can't even fathom giving birth naturally. Granted, maybe other pain will over shadow it. I'm also worried about possibly hurting my tailbone more in labor.

If anyone has any experience with tailbone pain in pregnancy or this combination of tailbone and sciatic pain, I'd really appreciate any advice.

Updated 2002-10-13

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