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My name is Anna and I have suffered from coccyx pain since 1986 when I took a boot up my tailbone in marine corps boot camp. I was in a lot better shape then and was able to redirect the pressure while exercising and sitting, though sometimes I was in terrible pain.

Two c-sections and over 15 years later I still have persistent problems with this. I thought I was the only one and no one could understand the pain. I have done the injections that last about 5-6 weeks and have had multiple x-rays and it doesn't appear my tailbone has even been broken.

I control my pain with taking a donut shaped pad everywhere I am not familiar with the seating (totally embarrassing, but worth it). I recently returned to a sit down job and sit on the donut pad but, because I am not always sitting to the back of the chair, trying to sit on the pad it has caused significant pain in my mid back. They have offered to buy me a office chair that is for coccyx relief. The chair has an area cut out in the back of the seat where your tailbone would lay. I haven't gotten the chair yet. Does anyone out there have a chair like this? I would like to know if it has helped at all.

I know, I have a long life of trying to control this pain, but I am not having my tailbone taken out. I have had 3 foot surgeries and wish I have never had one. I really feel for the people who are worse off than me and hope that my pain remains somewhat controllable with the pad, anti-inflammatories and vicodine (if that is control).

Updated 2002-07-28

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