Finally some relief!


My husband fell down our stairs at home a year ago and broke his tailbone off. He has been disabled ever since. He was unable to sit, walk or stand for any length of time and was in constant severe pain 24/7. He has tried everything the doctors have recommended and nothing has helped until a few weeks ago.

His doctor recommended a procedure that was experimental for his condition and it worked!!!!!!!!!

It's called pulsed radiofrequency neurotomy. If you want to research this on the internet we found most of our information under "radiofrequency denervation" there are a few variations to this procedure.

My husband has been so frustrated and tired of the doctors telling him he shouldn't be disabled by this condition and wondering if it was all just in his head. We were at the point of considering removing the tailbone but that really didn't seem like the answer and the results didn't sound very promising. After reading several of the stories of people with the same situation we were afraid this was never going to heal and he would be in this severe pain forever. But we are here to tell you that this procedure works. We felt obligated to share with others who are suffering. So please check into it!!

Note from Jon Miles:

See also the section on nerve blocks.

Updated 2002-12-08

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