Coccyx pain caused by stress


I am a 30 year old male from Australia. A few months ago I suffered a terrible experience with coccyx pain. I had never before suffered any coccyx pain, and had not had any injuries in that area. My father had an experience of months of coccyx pain during a stressful period of his career many years ago.

In March this year, I gradually noticed a pain developing in my coccyx. Over a period of 5 days it got to the point where I could not make any movement without excruciating pain. Walking was almost impossible, the process of standing up or sitting down were unbelievably painful, although sitting in certain positions gave me some respite. Probing of the muscle/tissues connected to the bone showed they were very sore. In all, it was absolute agony at its worst.

About a month prior to the attack I booked in for my first tennis tournament in about 10 years. I used to be a serious player, but had lost most of my game over the years. I prepared for the tournament seriously. I was consciously looking forward to testing myself in the tournament and had high expectations of performing to my ability. From time to time I did feel a little anxious about how I would go, but generally my feelings were positive.

The coccyx problem started 5 days before the tournament was to be played. Nevertheless, I assumed it was going to get better (therefore did not seek any treatment), and still expected to play the tournament, which was to be played at night. On the afternoon of the 5th day, the day of the tournament, the pain was so bad I realised that there was no way on Earth I could possibly play. I was going to have to withdraw. In my mind I resigned myself to the inevitability of it. Within 1 hour I noticed the coccyx pain was markedly improved, which represented the first improvement of any description since the pain had begun. By the time I reached the tennis court to tell them I couldn't play, I wasn't too far away from being able to play!! Within about 3 days, the pain was completely gone. I have had no recurrence.

There is no doubt in my mind that some underlying subconscious stress about the tournament was the sole cause of my coccyx pain, as amazing as it may seem. I have been faced with countless other stressful, and more stressful, situations in my life without coccyx problems, but I have no other explanation for my story.

Hope this story helps someone!

Updated  2002-07-14

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