Ice hockey injury


I am 15 years old and a very serious ice hockey player. About 4 days ago I suffered an injury to what appears to be my tail bone at a hockey camp I am attending.

It happened when I was skating backwards and another player who was skating forwards ran into me. His head/helmet hit me in the tail bone. However, he did not hit me directly at the bottom of my tail bone it was just up the back a bit. Not much at all though.

The next morning I attempted to attend the next ice-time, but the pain was too much to handle so I had to get off the ice. For the next 2 days I did nothing but rest. It didn't feel much better but I tried to skate on it once more. At first the pain wasn't that bad, but after only about 2 minutes the pain came back and was unbearable. I thought that once my adrenaline got going that the pain would slip my mind. However, that wasn't the case and after half hour of skating through the pain I went off the ice. The next day the pain had seemed to get way worse. It has been 2 days since the last ice-time and it doesn't seem to be getting any better.

I have been taking some pain killers, such as advil. And also a medicine that I picked up at a health store that is meant to help treat bruises, aches, sprains, breaks, etc. I have not yet seen a doctor, but have an appointment in a few days. I am curious as to what I may have done to it. And also as to how long it should take to heal enough that I will be able to get back on the ice.

My season is starting up in about 2 weeks, and it is, by far, the most important season that I will play in.

Updated 2002-08-25

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